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Mobile Backhaul Solutions

NEC is a leading provider of hardware and software platforms for carrier networks. Products ranging from Small Cells to high-capacity transports are available, and NEC is recognized as a leader in microwave transport systems. Special attention is given to autonomous networking with numerous research being conducted, and a few projects followed through. The right combination of hardware and software offers a firm choice for efficient, low-maintenance networks.

Mobile Backhaul architecture overview

  • Converged packet radio for LTE and beyond
  • Low-latency, high-performance design
  • Precise synchronization with SyncE/1588v2 for accurate timing across the network
  • Carrier-Ethernet ready with advanced QoS, Ether operation, administration and management

High Capacity Solutions

NEC's advanced engineering and technology have elevated microwave capacity to the next level. NEC conducted the industry's first ever demonstration of 2048QAM at the Mobile World Congress in 2012. With their the low-latency, high-performance design, their feature-rich switching capabilities and 1Gbps bandwidth per link using XPIC, our products are ripe for deployment from access to metro areas.

Product picture

  • High-capacity radio solutions with
    • 2048QAM
    • XPIC
    • Radio traffic aggregation
  • AMR for stable bandwidth in unfavorable weather
  • Radio redundancy (1+1 Hot standby, Twin path, N+0)
  • Multi-gigabit over a single fiber with CWDM support (iPASOLINK1000)

Outdoor Solutions

NEC's outdoor product range is the latest addition to its mobile backhaul portfolio. The products' simplified installation and excellent reach are perfect for wireless access technology with small but dense coverage, and the L3 functionality available on the GX series should help guarantee a future for existing networks as the popularity of LTE increases and new standards emerge. NEC's all-outdoor solutions can contribute by boosting efficiency and optimization in the transport network.

Product picture

  • All-outdoor for small/macro-cell links in the licensed spectrum (6-38GHz) range (AX)
  • Support for unlicensed (59-63GHz) spectrum (SX)
  • E-band (71-86GHz) for short-range, high data rates (EX)
  • L3 support for future wireless access technologies (GX)