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Traffic Management Solution - For revenue growth and new business creation of mobile carriers -


Traffic management solution (TMS) is a solution for mobile carriers to improve user's QoE (Quality of Experience) and to maximize ROI (Return on Investment) on their networks by managing ever increasing mobile data traffic caused by device and content evolution.

Maximization of QoE is to make drastic improvement on user service experiences such as web access speed acceleration and stable video playback.
Maximization of ROI on carrier networks is to minimize the investment on network equipments by optimization and reduction of traffic data using best-of-breed technologies such as data compressions.

The merit of introducing Traffic management solution The merit of introducing Traffic management solution      Larger view

In recent years, mobile carriers are accelerating introduction and coverage expansion of LTE networks to cope with surging mobile traffic. Generally, the introduction of LTE meant to deliver faster throughput. However, it does not always satisfy the expected level of throughput, and QoE degradation takes place because traffic congestion and network bandwidth fluctuation occur when users are moving one location to another.

One of the general methods to improve QoE is to expand network capacity, but it requires enormous investments. As a result, what has been highly demanded by mobile carriers is "a solution to improve QoE with less investment".

Key Value Proposition

  1. Massive QoE* maximization effect
    • The communication speed users experience can be twice as much fast by leveraging NEC's proprietary data flow control technology and tuning expertise.
    • The number of video stalls during video playback at congested area by over 90% in comparison to existing technologies thanks to "Predictive Pacing Engine" technology developed by NEC's Research & Development.
  2. Maximization of Return on Investment (ROI) on carriers' network
    • Traffic can be reduced by 30% by combination of technologies such as video compression (a majority of traffic), caching, image compression (adjusting to the display performance of terminal devices) and text compression.
    • The number of concurrent user connections in a congested area can be increased by over 200% without adding radio base stations, which helps maximizing ROI.
  3. Real time visualization of traffic information
    • The solution helps carriers to grasp information and quickly visualize the statistical information of traffic in real time. In addition, it enhances the effect of optimization by leveraging traffic visualization capabilities, such as dynamic tuning features where optimum parameters can be determined and set by traffic visualization and analysis.
  4. Improvement of optimum network design / operation for enhancement of customer satisfaction in alignment with SDN Solution
    • The solution links visualized traffic information with SDN to realize efficient network operation by dynamically designing and elastically reconfiguring networks in accordance with traffic patterns.

* QoE is an abbreviation for "Quality of Experience" and it represents a service quality that users experience.

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