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NEC LX Compute Platforms

NEC Standard HPC Platform

NEC offers a wide variety of server platforms. For HPC, dense dual socket x86 compute nodes with an HPC interconnect have proven a successful concept for the main HPC applications.
With four servers in a 2U chassis costs and space per server is minimized and the flexibility of configuration is increased compared to larger blade solutions.

NEC Large Memory HPC Platform

With the increase of core count and memory capabilities even in dual socket nodes even a 1U or 2U system can provide applications with the needed scalability and space. For highest demands NEC can also provide servers with up to 8 CPU sockets, providing an even larger memory configuration and SMP solution.

NEC Advanced HPC Platform

The NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA platform integrates seamlessly into the NEC LX Series. For advanced applications where vectorization is key, a selection of NEC SX-Aurora TSUBASA products are available.

To meet the needs of specialized applications NEC offers different types of accelerators. Here advanced users can find solutions that support specially developed applications. NEC supports the Intel and NVIDIA range of GPU accelerators and have experience in setting up demanding setups with many accelerators.

NEC Infrastructure Nodes

Operating an HPC cluster does not only mean running computational jobs. For operational and maintenance tasks, monitoring and user control, NEC provides price efficient solutions with high flexibility. In addition, a cluster in production must be available and useable at all times. Therefore, we have developed different high availability concepts to make sure that a cluster is always available to its users. The solutions range from a simple active-passive server configuration to solutions with shared hardware storage to provide best in class failover capabilities.