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NEC LX Networks

Mellanox InfiniBand

NEC has a long standing experience with InfiniBand as a high-speed interconnect from its earliest times. Mellanox InfiniBand solutions are being used today in nearly half of the published Petaflop systems according to the June 2017 TOP500 supercomputer list.
Mellanox InfiniBand includes features to improve fabric scalability and resilience, well above and beyond its improvements to the base InfiniBand performance. These improvements include support for adaptive routing, adaptive routing notification, fault recovery and more.

Intel Omni-Path

With its introduction in 2016 Intel Omni-Path have been installed at several large sites listed in the
TOP500. The Intel Omni-Path design does not offload the communication to the card, but the CPU shares some of the communication processing. It is capable of Adaptive and Dispersive Routing, and by means of the virtual lanes concept it can provide traffic flow optimizations and control the service level of different types of message.

NEC worked already with Q-Logic TrueScale solutions, and it was a natural step to continue with Intel TrueScale solutions. With the introduction of Intel Omni-Path NEC have collected experience and have
provided several cluster customers with this new technology.


NEC can provide 100G or 40G Ethernet networks to the compute centers as well for special solutions, for example in the storage area. 10G Ethernet is an upcoming standard technology in the field, and will complement the high performance network stack with general connectivity and as a support network. The current Gigabit Ethernet implementations provide connectivity to monitoring and other supporting roles. NEC provides health monitoring capabilities in our servers and remote access to the console for remote controlling of the system.