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LXFS - Lustre Based Storage Appliance

Lustre - A Global Parallel Filesystem

The Lustre file system is a parallel file system used in a wide range of HPC environments, small to large, such as oil and gas, seismic processing, the movie industry and scientific reseach to address a common problem they all have and that is the ever increasing large amounts of data being created and needing to be processed in a timely manner. In fact it is the most widely used filesystem by the world's Top 500 HPC sites.

With Lustre in use it's common to see end-to-end data throughput of up to hundreds of Gigabytes per second. Lustre can scale to tens of thousands of clients and can be integrated in any data workflow.

NEC LXFS-z Storage Appliance

The NEC LXFS-z parallel file system solution consists of building blocks that do not need a high-cost hardware RAID controller, and provide all reduncancy and data-integrity features in software. 

The system consists of an automated, reproducable setup procedure and software maintaining the configuration of the appliance together with selected and tuned hardware components. 

The NEC LXFS-z implementation has been triggered by a paradigm shift in our open-source-based parallel file systems implementations: the move from hardware RAID controller based storage to software RAID systems based on high density object storage targets from ldiskfs/ext4 to ZFS file systems on top of RAIDZ2 disk pools.