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QxFS - Quobyte DCFS Based Storage Appliance

Quobyte - A Data Center Filesystem

The NEC QxFS Storage Platform is based on Quobyte’s next-generation Data Center File Systsem (DCFS), which unifies file, block and object storage for enterprise and scientific applications. Data can be accessed with a native client for Linux, Windows and OS X or using SMB, NFS, HDFS and S3 protocol with common shared ACL allowing simultaneous data access for all protocols. A unique plugin for TensorFlow speeds  Machine Leaning workflows, making NEC QxFS Storage Platform an ideal soution combining HPC and Data Analytics.

The NEC QxFS Storage Platform is a true software defined storage solution that applies the principles of abstraction, pooling, and automation to local storage in standard x86 servers, creating a high-performance, highly available shared storage service without the need for conventional storage arrays or filers.

The NEC QxFS Storage Platform has by design no single point of failure and is split-brain safe and is designed for linear scale-out. Built-in redundancy and fault-tolerance features like erasure coding or replication can be managed by a powerful policy engine.

Fault Tolerance at scale

Fault tolerance is the basis for scalable operations in a datacenter and requires redundancy that spans servers, racks, and even entire clusters. When hardware failures or operator errors occur, the NEC QxFS Storage Platform – through the software – automatically and transparently routes around the failure. Data is protected by several methods, including a patent-pending quorum algorithm and sophisticated consensus algorithm, in order to guarantee strong data consistency and to avoid data corruption in split-brain scenarios.