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GxFS - GPFS Appliance

NEC GxFS Overview

NEC GxFS follows a consistent Building Block approach. Each Building Block consists of two NEC GxFS Storage Server Systems configured in a High-Availability configuration and a number of NEC SNA Storage Systems. The size and layout of the NEC SNA Storage Systems will be tailor-made depending on the needs of the project. The Storage Systems are fully redundant and connected to the Storage System using SAS-3 interface technology. The SAS-3 state of the art interface technology is the same as used inside the Storage Arrays to allow for maximized sustained throughput.

Every component in the NEC GxFS Storage Appliance has its own responsibility. The Storage Servers are taking care of the reliable function of the parallel file system software. The RAID controllers in the Storage Systems are presenting the storage to the Storage Servers in a reliable manner. The interfaces between the different functional components are well defined, which inherits functionality overload of single components.

The interface technology used to connect the Storage Building Block with the outside world is usually a High Speed Interconnect like Mellanox Infiniband or Intel Omni-Path. If needed Ethernet connectivity can be provided. The NEC GxFS Storage Appliance is certified for the complete range of Mellanox InfiniBand HCAs and Intel Omni-Path HFIs.

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